Venue & Map

Venue and Map

Overview Map of Maastricht



Please click here to download the overview map of Maastricht, which includes the location of:

1. MECC Maastricht
Conference Venue
Forum 100, Maastricht

2. NH Hotel
Official Conference Hotel (near the Conference Venue)
Forum 110, Maastricht

3. City Tavern & Pub de Poshoorn
Icebreaker, Pre-registration and Official Conference Pub
Stationsstraat 47, Maastricht

4. Beaumont Hotel
Official Conference Hotel (in the city centre)
Lage Barakken 10, Maastricht

5. Town Hall Maastricht
Welcome Reception
Stadhuis van Maastricht, Markt 78, Maastricht

6. Chateau St. Gerlach
Conference Dinner
Joseph Corneli Allee 1, Valkenburg

There are two pick-up points (bus stops), one at MECC Maastricht and one near the centre of Maastricht, from where buses depart to the Conference Dinner location. Buses also return from the Conference Dinner venue to these two bus stops.

Bus stop 1:
MECC Maastricht
Forum 100, Maastricht

Bus stop 2:
Maasboulevard underneath the Hoge Brug (high pedestrian bridge)
Navigate to Graanmarkt/Stadspark/High Bridge
Find the LuWQ2022 flags and host(ess)