COVID-19 & Fee Reimbursement

COVID-19 and Fee Reimbursement

COVID-19 and fee reimbursement due to cancellation

LuWQ2022 will be held as face-to-face conference. The time period August-September 2021, due to mild COVID-19 effects, was characterised by no restrictive measures (no lockdown, no masks, etc.). It seems that also the warm summer period each year have an inhibiting effect on COVID-19 infections. Therefore, assuming the similarity of COVID-behaviour between end summer 2021 and end summer 2022, we expect that during LuWQ2022 (12-15 September 2022) there will also be hardly any restrictive measures. However, obviously, no-one can guarantee this!

In the case where the evolution of the COVID-19 would require the cancellation of the on-site physical activities, LuWQ2022 will not be held, and the attendees’ fee will be reimbursed (minus a marginal processing fee imposed by the payment service).

The same fee reimbursement policy will be applied if the travel restrictions either in the Netherlands or in the area of residency of the attendee prevent the attendee from arriving to the LuWQ2022 venue. Participants without proven motivations (i.e. occurred travel restrictions from the country of origin) are subject to the regular cancellation conditions.

COVID-19 and measures for entry to the LuWQ2022 conference

In order to enable the entrance of the Netherlands and to be able to take part in the LuWQ2022 conference, all participants will have to comply with the requirements and measures applicable at that moment. Needless to say that requirements and measures regularly change in time. Those who intend to participate in LuWQ2022 can find the latest version of the Dutch measures against COVID-19 on the following website:
Please check this website regularly for the latest news.

COVID-19 and measures for entry to the Netherlands

Please read more on the following official websites:

Dutch measures against COVID-19

Travelling to the Netherlands from abroad

Checklists for entering or returning to the Netherlands from abroad

This gives information for persons:

  • Entering or returning from the EU/Schengen area
  • Entering or returning from OUTSIDE the EU/Schengen area

EU entry ban for travelers from non-EU countries